Sabtu, 04 Juni 2011

Balekambang Beach.

Balekambang Beach has three islands with a distance of about a hundred yards each, two of which are connected with one meter-wide bridge to the beach, Balekambang offers a different atmosphere of beach resorts in the southern part of Malang. One of the three islands called the island has Ismoyo Hindu temple, which was founded by local Hinduists.
Every year, rituals and traditional ceremonies Jalanidhipuja (Hindu ceremony) and Suran (Javanese New Year ceremony) are held here every year. Parking lots, shops, inns, souvenir shops, and other tourism facilities have been provided for visitors. This beautiful beach is located in the village Srigonco, Bantur district, about 57 km south of Malang and accessible by public transportation.
Visit Balekambang Beach tourism and enjoy a fun waves with the sea breeze sepoy2. Watch the sunset and sunrise in this beach and do some beach activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing at the beach Balekambang Malang 

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